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Thank you for showing your interest in the authorized consultant program tacnetting! We are excited to do business with you.

tacnetting will help you improve your current business goals to complement the activities that take place or become your first form of business.

If you want to focus on adding value to your customers (without hardware concerns), tacnetting is the solution for you!.

For providers of software solutions, the act of offering software as a service through Internet (in the cloud or cloud computing) is not only a way to cut costs and increase profit margins. It really is completely reorient the consultancy work that you offer your customers and deepen relationships with them and focusing on the services you provide and generate customer value.

This vision allows you to forget complex installations, configurations on servers and other technical infrastructure and focus on helping your clients improve their business lines.

Authorized tacnetting Consultants

The consultant will be authorized to offer its customers the complete solution tacnetting (in standard or premium versions), assisting the client in the background, and the implementation of the tool to improve project management in organization.

Additionally, the consultant will be allowed free access to their own tacnetting. space (If it does not know all the possibilities of tacnetting, see introductory documents and use advanced tacnetting).

Although there are many companies that manage projects and eligible to act as tacnetting most of them do not have time, staff or expertise to the full adoption of tacnetting in their business processes . This creates potential business opportunities for technology consultants of these companies.

tacnetting recognizes that consultants will be authorized trusted advisors and consultants to technology companies that may potentially require an improvement in business processes and project management.

The perceived benefit consultants authorized monthly maintenance fees based on the number of customers they get.

What gets tacnetting Authorized Consultant

You, by becoming authorized consultant, you get:
  • technical support information and product distribution tacnetting.
  • online help with technical specialists tacnetting orientarána you start a project tacnetting.
  • sales tools and training.
  • Possibility to use the logo and brand tacnetting.
  • Access Solution Provider community tacnetting.
  • The initial integration with the client (for implementation).
  • Opportunity for other benefits based on service performance.
What tacnetting expects from you

As a representative of tacnetting and your brand, we expect you to act with professionalism, integrity and responsibility in relationships with your customers. The activities authorized by a consultant are:
  • Locate and make sales to customers. There are no minimum requirements, but the more customers you get, the more economic value generated for your business. On
  • customers and make a first display of information. This involves creating the customer account administrator, creating end-user accounts (depending on what you comment the final customer) and the realization of any migration, training, deployment and other steps to help customers experience satisfactorily successful implementation.
Who is the ideal Authorized Consultant

Beyond the above requirements, our experience shows that our best consultants are authorized in accordance with the following profile.
  • have multiple clients and perform computer work not directly related to programming (maintenance activities of networks, computers, etc).
  • have adopted and are a strong supporter of SaaS (service request).
  • you participate in a model of managed services contract with their customers.
  • You go beyond implementation of the tecnologíay provides guidance on technology adoption in the clients business.
  • you are interested and willing to grow your business.
Contact to start

To begin, please send brief information about the activities you and your country town of influence to: partners@tacnetting.com

We will contact you to start.