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 Billing Management

Tacnetting offers all the features necessary to perform the billing process in your organization. Unlike other billing software, allows you to link tacnetting invoices, receipts, expenditures and payments to the business processes of your organization (integrating with your projects, activities and tasks) so that you can take complete control of cash which includes:
  • Management Invoicing. To bill the individual customers have.
  • Management fee. To include for each of the invoices issued by one or more collections. This way you control exactly the money deposited in your organization.
  • Cost Management . Costs charged to manage the tasks and expenses include each of your suppliers.
  • Payment Management . Equally to collection management, payment management enables you to include or schedule one or more payments for each of the invoices that you provide your suppliers.

All these features are complemented by the ability to link the database to clients or projects that we are working on the case where we require personal information about the fields of information that incorporates default tacnetting (see manual creation of databases tacnetting).