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 Document management projects

The documents generated and obtained during the life cycle of a project is of utmost value to the organization. It is the source of knowledge and experience of the Organization and resource for future projects.

tacnetting allows a document repository for all your projects and in perfect sync with GoogleDocs

One of the strongest reasons by which your organization can provide better customer service, in terms of quality, effectiveness and efficiency, making appropriate use of their prior experience, their know-how ( know-how).

Treatment procedures of documentary information of the organization must be focused on three complementary aspects:
  • Promote the conservation of all documents generated or obtained in the projects, and his existence spread among employees so that it can be used and exploited in other projects.
  • Promote the conservation
  • end products or deliverables (designs, prototypes, drawings, models, reports, statements, etc).
  • Ensure the correct
  • custody with the appropriate security privileges, so that information is accessible only to those participants decided by the heads or project leaders.

Very often, project development, it wastes a significant amount of time gathering information we in fact the organization has, but nobody knows who in what place. tacnetting dramatically eliminates this wasted time by providing all the documentation properly sorted and distributed to those who need it.