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 Cost control activities in your projects

Tacnetting provides organizations with intelligent and practical solution to determine in real time, cost and capacity utilization of their projects and processes as well as the profitability of projects and clients that holds it.
Thus, project managers have accurate information on the costs charged by hours of activity for projects and the profitability through the billing process for such projects.
Project managers can make decisions in real time to streamline the time spent on their projects, increasing or decreasing human resources or hours assigned to projects.
Additionally, all cost information and revenue activity is linked to the actual activity of the company (with your billing and cash).

Accessing the option of participating in our projects can be added the cost per hour of each. The costs per hour can be set in multiple forms in each of the organizations. For example, from the participants gross salary.
Once configured, the hourly cost of the participants, the project manager can make the planning of all tasks / activities to do in this project. The tasks are linked to their makers, so the system will know exactly the cost of each task.

The project manager can allocate to each task the number of hours planned. To perform this action, in each of the tasks may include such information.
Each of the employees, the tray of my tasks, can charge the actual hours that are working on it. From this point, the project manager can know in real time the deviation between planned hours and actual hours performed in each task.

The project manager or managers have access to space tacnetting Scorecard, with the possibility of accessing a set of flash reports.
The reports used to calculate real-time revenue, costs (in hours and amount) and deviations, both client and project and service types.