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 Manage all your projects

You can not manage what you can not measure!

This successful premise applies in all organizational sectors in the creation and control of projects and tasks of a good customer service (both internal and external).

In order to realize the need for tacnetting as a tool for task management and process automation in the organization, tacnetting will help you to answer the following questions immediately: 

  • Exactly ... How many projects, budgets am I doing right now? How many different tasks simultaneously? What is the total sum of them?
  • What is the planning, cost, benefit, incidents, risks and ultimately the current status of each of these projects?
  • How many resources am I using for each of the tasks or services delivered? What is the exact cost of these resources? Am I incorrectly managing economic resources available to me for not optimizing their use?
  • We performed correctly budgets? Or in some cases, costs are exceeding the benefits?
  • Who within the organization performs each of the tasks of each of the projects? Are employees performing the tasks in the allowed time?
  • Are there projects / tasks stuck in the Organization and it is unclear which person should continue? What are those tasks?
  • For each of our projects .... Is there a clear and accurate diagram of what you have to do?
  • How can I improve the response time of tasks within my organization? How can I know where there are repetitive or redundant steps?
  • How can I reduce the paperwork within my organization?

tacnetting engine provides the project management , which automates the procedures by providing a structured framework to support them. Help manage these processes ensures that tasks are prioritized to be implemented as soon as possible, for the right person in the right order . In short, it allows tasks to be carried out sequentially, as part of an overall process.

tacnetting provides functions for:
  • Assign tasks to the participants.
  • remind people about their tasks that are part of a work list.
  • Enabling collaboration among users by sharing tasks. Lost
  • information that is needed to complete the task.
  • provide a vision for the project managers of the state of each task.

In this way, you avoid having to handle large volumes of paper, achieving a real understanding of the costs and cost reduction compared to manual processes, allowing a global view of corporate processes, a better understanding of organizacióny total control of compliance with applicable legislation in each of the types of projects.

Moreover, monitoring by the audit provides the necessary information about the efficiency of projects to implement corrective measures, streamline processes, eliminate bottlenecks, redefining security controls and ensure their implementation.