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 Other features

Additionally, tacnetting offers the following features through its project management engine: 
  • Control procedures: tacnetting provides a backbone for the control of the procedures involved in the projects, with the flow of responsibilities between people and tasks. 
  • Approach to delivering value and not the process: tacnetting enables focus on achieving the goals outlined in each project or process bringing value to the organization. tacnetting eliminates paper processes not useful. 
  • Reduced response time: The automation process is proactive, ensuring that tasks proceed without stopping. The timeline of tasks that tacnetting provides a mechanism to control time delays or permissible. Beyond the time limit to be defined, the system alerts and notifications alert the participant. This improves the response of the processes in the interest of efficiency and quality. 
  • Status Monitoring: Provides users instant information on the status of any process and task. 
  • Assign tasks to employees: This is done by profiling within the organization, eliminating the tedious task of assigning work to each case. 
  • Reporting: It is possible to measure and calculate time and cost statistics, so that vital information is obtained about the processes at work, able to detect the moment and even eliminate potential bottlenecks that have arisen. 
  • Reducing consumption of paper: With the automation of administrative processes reducing their consumption and therefore cost. In addition, electronic forms that are used in place ensuring faster implementation and fewer errors in processing. 
  • Documentation of processes and tasks: One of the additional benefits of the automation of procedures is that it forces organizations to keep a detailed analysis and documentation, for the mere fact that you can not automate what is not known. Document processes and ensure monitoring of the rules is central to the quality system standards like ISO. 
  • Reduction of cycles with parallel execution: most of the processes, if they rely on manual implementation, must be necessarily sequential, but TACproject simplifies the division of processes in parallel routes for the independent tasks can be executed simultaneously , reducing execution times.