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 Tacnetting features

Complete project management

Manage all your projects or business processes in your organization: task execution times, schedules, etc.

You can manage all key aspects of a project both in terms of activities and from the economic point of view. You can keep track of the hours worked by activity and automatically link billing.

Map of your projects and automated Gantt charts

Let tacnetting make the diagrams automatically. Only properly worry of planning.

As you planning stages of your projects and tasks, performed tacnetting project map (visual only to manage) or Gantt charts.



Agenda among participants in collaborative projects

Each user has its own agenda individually. But also can work with the agendas of other partners.

The agenda will come to you automatic events (such as dates maximum tasks and meetings that have confirmed their attendance).

In addition, you can integrate with Google Calendar and your mobile phone.

Balanced Scorecard

It links all the information about your activities with information of your billing and payments, and get real time reporting of developments in your organization.

Actual reports of the evolution of your projects, the profitability of customers, suppliers, state of collection and payment of bills, and indicators of progress of projects.


Document Management

Unifies all the documentation for your organization and your projects. tacnetting integrates your documents with Google Docs with a single click.

The documents are ordered by the real things you do in your organization, improving substantially, the search methods on it.
Marketing management and databases

tacnetting allows you to create the database you want (in seconds). Use it to manage your marketing campaigns.

This feature allows you to customize forms and data you need in your tacnetting without any limitation.

From a marketing point of view, allows you to create marketing campaigns, call management, etc.


Customer management and billing

Manage all your billing operative whole organization work with your management and your scorecard.

You can fully customize the look of your invoices. Allows management of fertilizers and corrective as well as the full cash.
Intuitive interface

tacnetting makes simplicity possible. Any project participant can manage your tasks with only two options: my projects and my work.

Still, the space administrator tacnetting your organization, you can enlarge or reduce the choices of their coworkers.


Complete management of clients and suppliers

Link to your projects to customers, suppliers and partners. Give them a password to access your projects and may collaborate in real time by observing the information you want to give them access.